pre-test questions

1: Roads of equal importance who do you give right of way to?

A: People on your right or traffic already on the junction.

2: What does a flashing amber light mean?

A: Proceed with caution.

3: What is the minimum thread depth?

A: 1.6 mm

4: When can you enter a yellow box?

A: When you can clear it or turning right or left without causing obstruction.

5: At roundabouts who do you give right of way to?

A: Traffic on right or traffic already on roundabout.

6: What is the national speed limit?

A: 100 kph.

7: If blinded by oncoming car what should you do?

A: Look towards the kerb and if still blinded slow down and stop if safe to do so.

8: When must you drive with dipped headlights?

A: Dawn, dusk, snow, fog, heavy-rain, well lit area, driving towards or behind a car.

9: What do zigzag lines mean?

A: No overtaking or parking.

10: What does an amber light mean?

A: Stop if safe to do so.

11: What does a continuous white line mean?

A: Do not overtake except in emergency or for access.

12: When can you not sound your horn?

A: Between 11.30PM - 7.30AM. Except in an Emergency.

13: When can you overtake on the inside of another car?

A: - When the car in front is indicating to turn right.

  - When you're indicating to turn left.

  - When the right lane is going slower than the left lane.

14: Name 3 people you must stop for.

A: - School warden.

  - Gardai.

  - Person in charge of animals.

15: When can you use a hard shoulder.

A: In case of emergency or to let following traffic pass.

16: What does a single yellow mean?

A: No parking during business hours.

17: What does a double yellow line mean?

A: No parking at any time.